Name: Claudia
Gender: Female
Known Relatives: Casey (daughter)
Portrayed By: Larisa Miller
First Appearance: Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later

Claudia is a character from Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, played by Larisa Miller.


Claudia was the mother of Casey. On October 31, 1998, her daughter needed to go to a restroom so they found an isolated rest area and stopped there. Claudia noticed another car was there and thought someone was around the area. The women's room turned out to be locked so they were forced to use the men's room. Worried that someone might come in, Claudia put a rock against the door to keep it open. Moments later, the door closed and someone walked in and stole Claudia's purse. Fearing for her daughter's and her own life, she tried to get a glance at the thief and saw a white mask. The thief soon walked out. Casey then screamed and the worried mother checked on her daughter, but it was only spiders that had scared the young girl. Claudia then heard a car starting up and knew that her car was now stolen, but was still relived that she and her daughter were safe.[1]


References Edit

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