Chester Chesterfield
Name: Chester Chesterfield
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Portrayed By: Sid Haig
First Appearance: Halloween

Chester Chesterfield is a character in the remake of Halloween. He was played by Sid Haig.


Chester Chesterfield was the caretaker of Haddonfield Cemetery. He was greeted by Dr. Sam Loomis, who asked him about the members of the Myers family who were buried here. Chester remembered Deborah Myers, mother of Michael Myers, and commented upon how difficult it must have been being labeled "Satan's mother". Both men came upon the desecrated grave of Deborah's oldest child Judith Myers. The headstone had been stolen and in its place rested the crucified remains of a small coyote.[1]

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  1. Halloween (2007 Reboot)

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