Charlie Bowles
Name: Charlie Bowles
Gender: Male
Location: Russellville, Illinois
Known Relatives: Lucy Bowles (mother)
Betty Bowles (wife)
Tiffany Bowles (daughter)
Christina Bowles (daughter)
First Appearance: Halloween: Charlie

Charlie Bowles, who was first mentioned in the original Halloween. Charlie Bowles is the main character of a short story titled Halloween: Charlie


Charlie Bowles was born to Lucy Bowles and an unknown father. When Charlie was a young boy, his mother was very protective of him. Once she passed away, he felt a void in his life that he felt was never filled and slowly he learned to fall in love with the emptiness. He eventually met a woman named Betty and married her. Soon after, she had given birth to their two twin daughters, Tiffany and Christina.

He would go on to murder them all with a hacksaw after mysteriously going insane.

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