Carruthers Home
Name: Carruthers residence
Country: United States of America
State: Illinois

The Carruthers residence is the household of the Carruthers family, consisting of: Richard Carruthers, his wife Darlene Carruthers, and their daughters Rachel Carruthers and Jamie Lloyd. The family also had two pet dogs, Sundae, and later Max.


On Halloween 1988, the family dog Sundae was killed at the hands of Michael Myers and later that night Jamie Lloyd stabbed her adoptive mother, Darlene, with scissors. Darlene however survived the attack. On Halloween 1989, Rachel was murdered within her home by Michael, who stabbed her in the heart with scissors. The family's second dog, Max, was also killed by Michael.

Films that take place in the Carruthers houseEdit

Characters that lived in the Carruthers houseEdit

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