Barry McNichol
Name: Barry McNichol
Gender: Male
Location: Pontiac, Illinois
Portrayed By: Dana Carvey
First Appearance: Halloween II

Barry McNichol was a minor character in Halloween II played by Dana Carvey.


Barry McNichol was the assissant to WWAR's news reporter Debra Lane. They had arrived in Haddonfield after news broke out that an escaped mental patient had murdered three teens. Debra told Barry to get as much information as possible. He would later have to report Debra missing after she had left for Haddonfield Memorial Hospital but never arrived.

The character Barry Hersal was a medical examiner who was employed at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. He is best known for performing an autopsy on Michael Myers first murder victim, Judith Myers on Halloween night 1963 and the early morning hours of November 1, 1963 [1]

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