Barbara Collier
Name: Barbara Collier
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Portrayed By: Margot Kidder
First Appearance: Halloween II

Barbara Collier appears in Halloween II, played by Margot Kidder.


Barbara Collier was a psychiatrist working out of Haddonfield, Illinois. Her most troubled patient was Laurie Strode, who still exhibited great fear and anxiety two years after narrowly surviving being butchered by her psychotic older brother Michael Myers. The autumn season was particularly tough on Laurie and Collier reminded her that Halloween time was always a trigger for her nightmares. Even though they both agreed that Michael was now dead, Collier told Laurie that he still lived on in her mind and in her emotions. Laurie asked Barbara about a Rorschach print she had hanging on the wall of her office. Collier explained that the images in the print prompted ambiguous stimuli in the brain to form a picture. Laurie saw the image of two white horses.

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