Annie Brackett's Son
Known aliases: Annie Brackett's Son
Gender: Male
Known Relatives: Annie Brackett (Mother;deceased)
Leigh Brackett (Grandfather)
Joanne Brackett (Grandmother)
First Appearance: Halloween: 30 Years of Terror

Annie Brackett's Son is a character that first appeared in Halloween: 30 Years of Terror. Since he exists only in a dream of Laurie Strode's and the death of his mother back in 1978, this character doesn't exist in any timeline.


While Laurie Strode was locked up in the Grace Andersen Sanitarium, she fantasized about what her life would have been like if she was never found by her brother. She thought that by the year of 1988, her friend Annie Brackett would have several children including a young boy around the same age as Laurie's own son John. In her dream, Laurie figured that Annie would ask her to babysit her children on Halloween night just like Laurie always used to do when she was younger.

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