Andy Neale
Name: Andy Neale
Known aliases: Deputy Neale
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Death: October 31 2009
Portrayed By: Greg Travis
First Appearance: Halloween II

Deputy Andy Neale appears in Halloween II, played by Greg Travis.


Andy Neale was a deputy for the Haddonfield Sheriff's Department. He answered directly to Sheriff Lee Brackett. Due to the vicious attack against his daughter Annie by Michael Myers on Halloween 2007, Sheriff Brackett always grew paranoid around Halloween time. On October 31st of 2008, he sent Deputy Neale to his house at 15 Cherrywood Road to keep an eye on his daughter. Annie, being an independent woman who scorned the need for protection, repaid Neale's hospitality by kicking him in the crotch.

In 2009, Neale was once again asked to keep a watch over Brackett's house. Annie would not let him inside and Neale tried to use his position as an officer of the law to intimidate her, but Annie was unphased. She made him stay outside and patrol the house with a flashlight. Sheriff Brackett's fears turned out to be justified, as that same evening, Michael Myers appeared and killed Deputy Neale by strangling him to death. He left his body in the driver seat of his cruiser.

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