Marion's house
Country: United States of America
State: Illinois

4946 Cypress Pond Road is the household of Samuel Loomis and his nurse Marion Whittington.


Shortly after the death of photographer Patrick Carter, Doctor Samuel Loomis and his nurse Marion Chambers decided to buy a new home in Langdon. At some point, Marion married a man named Whittington and took his last name. What became of their relationship is unknown.

On February 2nd 1995, Loomis suffered a heart attack and died in hospital shortly after. After a period of mourning, Marion placed the file on Keri Tate safely in the file marked LAURIE STRODE and began reading Loomis' diaries.

On October 30th 1998, Marion arrives home to find it burglarized. She walks next door to the Howell's home and gets teenagers Jimmy Howell and Tony Allegre to call the police. Jimmy volunteers to go back to her house alone to check it for intruders, with his hockey stick for protection. When he finds nothing, other than a ransacked home office and bottles of beer (to steal) from the refrigerator, Mrs. Whittington is given an all-clear signal to return. Now dark outside, she discoveres the power is out, but searches with a flashlight in her office, where there is the empty file folder labeled "LAURIE STRODE".

Michael Myers was in the house behind her. Sensing trouble and a presence, she races back next door where she finds the corpses of Jimmy and Tony. Michael soon murders Marion.

The next few minutes, two detectives (Detective Fitzsimmons and Detective Matt Sampson) investigated the three gruesome killings, finding evidence that Loomis was obsessed with Michael Myers. Newspaper clippings from the Haddonfield News lined two walls of his bedroom as well as other sketches, pictures of murder victims, and articles. They notified Haddonfield to warn of Myers' possible threat.

Characters that lived in the houseEdit

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